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FROST Season 1 Tournaments  Empty FROST Season 1 Tournaments

on 1/17/2018, 1:26 pm
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FROST Season 1

-The Beginning
-Super Mario Brothers VS The Legend of Zelda
-Battle For The Best Amiibo
-Two is Always Better Than One
-Battle of The Underdogs
-Gotta Catch E'M All
-Gotta Pay To Win
-Clone Wars
-The Great Ack War
-FROST Season 1 Championship

-FROST is a tournament series hosted by Hamplition and General Zard. Each season will consist of its own special tournaments, including double elimination, round robins, 2v2 and more. Every season will then conclude with a championship that you must qualify to enter. All tournament entrees must be emailed to frostentrees@gmail.com by the tournaments due date. Each tournament will have a regularly updated bracket on challonge.com. Every amiibo trainer that wishes to enter FROST must abide by every rule stated in the description of each tournament. Each participant is only allowed to enter a certain number of entrees. If you are caught purposely sending more than the allowed number of entrees to any FROST tournament, especially under a fake name, you will be permanently banned from this tournament series. This tournament series as of now will not be streamed until further notice. I do intend on eventually buying streaming equipment and hosting FROST on Twitch, or Youtube with commentary. Until then, each tournament will have a play by play commentary on cloud's discord site in the amiibo section.

-The end of each FROST season will conclude with a final championship. The winner of this championship will receive a prize and be crowned the FROST champion of the season. To qualify for the end of the season championship, you must come in either first, or second place in any FROST tournament of the season. If any tournament in FROST season 1 concludes with the winner, or runner up who is already qualified for the championship then i will allow the next place participant that isn't qualified yet to enter. Each FROST tournament will conclude with two new amiibo trainers allowed to enter the championship. A week before the championship begins, i will allow two, or three small qualifying tournaments that will be hosted by hamplition, general zard and any other member of the discord that wishes to host it. The winner of these mini tournaments will be allowed to enter the championship. If you are already qualified for the championship, you are not allowed to enter these qualifying tournaments. Finally, i will allow only one amiibo trainer to enter the championship that couldn't qualify for it during the season. This amiibo trainer will be someone who entered every single tournament in the FROST season.

Start training your amiibos fellow trainers and i wish the best of luck to you.

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