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FROST 7 - Gotta Pay To Win Empty FROST 7 - Gotta Pay To Win

on 3/12/2018, 10:40 am
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Gotta Pay To Win
Hosted by Hamplition and General Zard
Entrants Due: Saturday, March 17

-Allowed entrants for this tournament:
Mewtwo, Lucas, Roy, Cloud, Ryu, Corrin, Bayonetta
(Cloud must have up to 60 atk and only 1 attack boosting bonus)

-Each participant can enter up to two amiibos

-All amiibo stats must equal 120, Critical Hitter and Exploding Perfect Shield are banned

-All matches are best of 3
-2 stocks, 6 minutes
-Stages will be Smashville, Dreamland, and Omega FD
-Timeout results in the lower percentage amiibo gaining the win
-Top 3 trainers will be allowed to enter Frost season 1

Send Entrants to frostentrees@gmail.com

Tournament will be streamed on YouTube the following morning.
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