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Good bye to smash 4 tour Empty Good bye to smash 4 tour

on 9/18/2018, 5:13 pm
This is my final tournament before ultimate so i thought id go out with a bang!
Each trainer can send 4 amiibo you read that right 4 per person its gonna be HUGE!!!
only 1S and 1A per trainer
2-Stock, 3 Round, 6 Min double elimination
-Little Mac cannot have any points in Attack nor any Attack-boosting bonus effects
-Cloud cannot have more than 60 points in Attack nor more than one Attack-boosting bonus effect
Stat points cannot exceed a sum of 120
Explosive Perfect Shield Critical-hit capability are banned

Stages; Random omega, Random(Battlefield/dreamland/Smashville/Kongo Jungle 64/Clocktower),FD
Finals 5 rounds Random Omega.Smashville,Battlefield.dreamland,FD
Send to Bladethecheetah@yahoo.com bins are due October 3rd (you might recognize the date)
Good luck everyone! i hope to see you in ultimate!

This is megaVGmaster but you can call ne MVG, Mega, or Blade.
Ike (AmiiBrawl 9)
Ike&Ryu Muscular Headband Bromance (AmiiBrawl V-Day)
Ike (MarioLuigiFans's 3rd Amiibo Tournament)
Cloud (Lame Mini)
DK(ANT flash fight)
Lucario (SAT final smash 4 tour)
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