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New Plan for Ultimate? Empty New Plan for Ultimate?

on 8/29/2018, 4:22 pm
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Hey, to anyone who still uses this anymore. I've been thinking about Ultimate and it'll be changing the amiibo scene. If such a change were to happen I would like to propose my idea for it. 

What if we used the tier list, assuming that the difference in tiers would be as great as they are, as a way of categorizing which characters get to fight each other. Separate tournaments for each group of tiers will be held so that more characters will have more chances to shine. It can also work as a way for characters to gradually move up the tier list. Like if one particular one is dominating its own class, a "promotion" can be considered for that character. Not only that but there are going to be at least 70 characters (including echoes). Some are going to be used more than others. But looking at now, where just about everyone has entered their favorite top tier at least 3 times or more. The main point of this is to get people to learn new characters so we can see more variety. Sure there will be that top tier in each class it's better than to have a select few like Marcina and Cloud as of now.

Those are my thoughts on it. I'd like to know what you think of this idea, or your own idea that you would like to share. This is just a concept of mine. Thanks for reading.

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