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ANT 4 Empty ANT 4

on 4/3/2018, 1:48 pm
ANT 4 Rules

Hello everyone, after numerous hours of studying for school, I decided to take a break and host a tournament, full of Amiibo vs. Amiibo

Disclaimer 1: Tournament will not be recorded (Rip camera)
Disclaimer 2: By sending your Amiibo to me I am allowed to use them for experimentation after the tournament

Amiibo stuff:

  • 2 Amiibo per trainer
  • EPS and Crits Bonuses are banned
  • Little Mac can only have 0 or less attack and no damage increasing bonus
  • Cloud can only have 40 or less attack and 1 or less damage increasing bonus
  • Amiibo stats must be equal to 120 or less in total


  • No items
  • 2 Stocks
  • 6 Minutes
  • Sudden Death does not exist, if timer ends another match consisting of 1 Stock 3 Minutes will be made to make it up, if the timer ends again the winner with the lowest percent wins
  • Will be done on 3ds version, with Omega Battlefield, then Battlefield, then Omega Battlefield as the stage order


  • If you have a horrible history with the community you cannot enter, otherwise feel free to join


  • Entrants due 12AM the day of the tournament
  • The tournament will be held on the 6th of April (Sorry for the short notice, I wanted to host during spring break)
  • Double elimination
  • Email is mariofan8892@gmail.com

Notable Wins
None. And it seems that I won't get any for quite a while.
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