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Mega's Birthday Tournament  Empty Mega's Birthday Tournament

on 3/29/2018, 5:21 pm
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Bins due on April  12th, this will be streamed on April 13th. 1 amiibo per trainer,only 24 spots available!
It will be my birthday on the 13th! i will be turning 24! so i thought why not have a 24 entry cap. of course this may be postponed if i have any surprises on my B-Day. 
Stages are Random Omega/battlefield, Miiverse  ,Kongo Jungle 64,  Final destination, Clock tower,dream land,Legal Duck Hunt/FD
2 stocks 6 minutes 
finals will be best of 5
Crit and eps banned
amiibo allowed;
Meta Knight
Send you bin and bracket name to Bladethecheetah@yahoo.com 
and please PLEASE name your bins after your bracket name. makes it easier on me.

This is megaVGmaster but you can call ne MVG, Mega, or Blade.
Ike (AmiiBrawl 9)
Ike&Ryu Muscular Headband Bromance (AmiiBrawl V-Day)
Ike (MarioLuigiFans's 3rd Amiibo Tournament)
Cloud (Lame Mini)
DK(ANT flash fight)
Lucario (SAT final smash 4 tour)
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