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Villain Tournament Empty Villain Tournament

on 1/25/2018, 4:54 pm
Hey guys I decided for the next tournament, it would be a Supervillain Tournament. That's right the villains get a chance to shine. Hope you guys are excited to do this tournament.
2 Stocks
7 Minutes
1 amiibo per person
Random Omega Stages
No items
Smash Ball (Low)
Any effects and stats are allowed except 200/200/200

Villains only (Bowser, Bowser Jr, Ganondorf, Dark Link, Dark Toon Link, Dark Samus, Meta Knight
Fox(Dark Outfit), Falco (Dark Outfit) King Dedede, Dr. Mario (Dark Outfit), Sonic (Dark Outfit) Mii Brawler as King K, Rool
The tournament will be February 10th. 
Entrants are due the 9th before 12am PST
Send your entrants to marioluigifans82@gmail.com


Amiibo Tournament Wins
Lucina "COME AT ME" AmiiBrawl 19
Lucina "COME AT ME" Yric's Amiibo Tournament #0
Mario "SuperMario" 1st Tournament
Mario "SuperMario" Test Stream Tournament
Dark Pit "DarkAngel" Quick OA Tournament
Ganondorf "Demon King" BAT#8
Ganondorf "Demon King" / Ryu "My Champ" Launch Star Doubles 2
Mario "SuperMario" Launch Star 2
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