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Amiibrawl's Return (Amiibrawl 25) Empty Amiibrawl's Return (Amiibrawl 25)

on 1/24/2018, 3:07 pm

Send your entries to Amiibrawl@gmail.com. Bins are due Jan 26 (12am, so technically no later than the 25th)
  1 Amiibo per person
 No Mac
 No Explosive shield
 No Crit Hit
 No Item bonuses
 Stats must equal 120 across Atk/Def/Spd

Please do not forget to include your Bracket Name, Type of Amiibo, and Twitter handle with your entry.
Ex: TMac
 Thank you and Good Luck to everyone!!

Creator of the L.A.M.E. Mod Pack

If you are interested in Modding for an Amiibo tournament, PM me about it

Amiibo Wins
Lucina - Sarah S.A.T. 1
Cloud - Supernova Blue's Mini RR
Lucina - Sarah PUAT 3
Kirby - Kirbin S.A.T. 4
Lucina - Sarah S.A.T. Mini 3

Notable Amiibo
Kirby- Kirbin  LaunchStar 5 3rd place
Roy- Roy Story L.A.M.E. 2 2nd place
Ike- Vader L.A.M.E. 2 3rd place
R.O.B.- OfcKillbot Mad Man 2nd place
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