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Blue's Championship Amiibo Tournament  Empty Blue's Championship Amiibo Tournament

on 12/23/2017, 9:54 pm
-No EPS, or Critical Hit Capability 
-Mac is allowed with 0 attack, with no attack boosting bonuses.
-Cloud is allowed with 40 attack and one attack boosting bonus.
-You can enter two amiibo
-Only one S tier per entrant 
-Double elimination 
-I need bracket proof that your amiibo has a win, if I don't get proof, then I'll ask for you to send something else.
-Only champions of 2017 are allowed to enter.(Sorry Mahboi and Super NES)
-Champions of one character only RRs are not allowed unless they have a win in a normal theme tourney.
-Doubles tournament champions are not allowed.
-The tournament won must have 8 amiibo or more entered.
-Sets are played on Final Destination, Battlefield, then Final Destination again if needed.
-Every round is best 2/3, two stocks, and six minutes.
-The amiibo with a percent lead wins timeout.
-Email amiibo to blueplaysgames01@gmail.com
-Have amiibo sent by December 28th at 11.59 PM EST, the tournament will start the following morning.

Amiibo Tournament Wins:
Marth(Ken)Amiibrawl Twitch Test
Toon Link(Suspicious)Amiibrawl#5
Marth(Ken)Amiibrawl#21(First win in 7 months)
Dr. Mario(2Stock Doc)MLF's Mario tourney
Bowser Jr.(LivingLike)MVG's Gunners tourney
Ness and Bayonetta(Twisted Fire) LaunchStar Doubles#3
Marth and Lucas LSD5
Lucas (JohnyBravo) SAT Mini
Lucario (Aura/BurgerKing) SAT Mini #2
PAC-Man (Plaid-Man) New LaunchStar#0 Pool C
Marth (Ken) MVG's Prize Tourney
Ike (Haar) Blue's Mini RR
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