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Character RRs: Ryu & Corrin Empty Character RRs: Ryu & Corrin

on 12/11/2017, 2:00 am
Corrin & Ryu RRs:
Time for a F E E T fest!

Crits/EPS is Banned, No hacked stats
2 Stocks 6 minutes, Random Omega, BF, Random Omega

Send bins to: supernovastarstorm@gmail.com
Include amiibo nicknames in the email so it makes it easier to differentiate
Bins due: December 20, will start on that day about noon EST

Corrin RR: http://challonge.com/FE14Sucks
Ryu RR: http://challonge.com/F_E_E_T

Creator of the L.A.M.E. Mod Pack

If you are interested in Modding for an Amiibo tournament, PM me about it

Amiibo Wins
Lucina - Sarah S.A.T. 1
Cloud - Supernova Blue's Mini RR
Lucina - Sarah PUAT 3
Kirby - Kirbin S.A.T. 4
Lucina - Sarah S.A.T. Mini 3

Notable Amiibo
Kirby- KirbinĀ  LaunchStar 5 3rd place
Roy- Roy Story L.A.M.E. 2 2nd place
Ike- Vader L.A.M.E. 2 3rd place
R.O.B.- OfcKillbot Mad Man 2nd place
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