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Monster sized matches: Triples Empty Monster sized matches: Triples

on 12/4/2017, 3:24 pm
this will be a 3v3 
you can not team up with another trainer this time
No items
No haxx
Vanilla Mac&Cloud 
EPS is legal on D and F teir
Crit is banned
1 S and 1 A per team
3 stock 8 minutes

Stages will be Pokemon stadium 2,Big battlefield, and Pyrosphere 

Sudden death rule: if more than one person per team survives it will be played. if it becomes a 1v1 i will go by percent.

good luck everyone!
Send your team to Bladethecheetah@yahoo.com 
put your Teamname, username(s) and name your bins with your username and amiibo please, many of you do that already and its appreciated 
bins. due on the 10th the tournament will be streamed (maybe) on the 11th

This is megaVGmaster but you can call ne MVG, Mega, or Blade.
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Ike (MarioLuigiFans's 3rd Amiibo Tournament)
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