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Guess Who's Going to the Pokemon World Championships This Weekend?

on 8/17/2017, 9:50 pm
I honestly wish that this was clickbait, or a joke. But unbeknownst to my family, we will be stay at a hotel right near the Anaheim Convention Center while the Pokemon World Championships take place.

We were staying in Anaheim to visit Disneyland, but after this morning's public announcement of where the Pokemon WC's will be taking place we're going to be in for a wild ride.

Because we found out about it this morning, my brothers and I likely will not be able to enter the convention center for the event. The reason: all the Spectator badges have sold out already. Unless by some happen chance they have any, we won't get in. And I know that the older of my younger brothers has been obsessed with Pokemon for most of his life.

But, in the off-chance that any of you guys here in the forums will be attending, it would be awesome to meet up nearby or at Disneyland. I'll be vlogging as much of my family's trip as I can, so there's the strong likelihood I vlog any experiences relating to the Pokemon WC's.

See you guys when I get back in a week!
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