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CrimsonZEXAL - Future of Personal Content Creation/Patreon Empty CrimsonZEXAL - Future of Personal Content Creation/Patreon

on 3/9/2017, 6:36 pm
So, I've had this little idea running in my head since yesterday that I want to start on creating content on YouTube. However, I don't have the necessary equipment to start on some of the projects I have in mind.

And many of you who have been on the site since early last year know that I wouldn't necessarily be asking this if I didn't already know the forum rules, but right now I'm running a poll on my Twitter @CrimsonZEXAL to now how many people would be willing to check out content I create as I work towards setting up a Patreon and generate the money needed to get a proper camera and mic.

Right now, the furthest extent of what I know I could do for content creation until I have a camera and mic is post replays of myself, my brother, and/or amiibo replays on my channel. And I do plan to host amiibo tournies (initially for my own amiibo) as well. The benefit is that I could save a bunch of replays to my Wii U, post them to my channel, all while I'm attending college for Spring semester (though I may limit how many vids I post in a day, until I can get some capture equipment and proper editing software).

I'm really just curious to know how many of you (if any) would want to be a Patreon sub until I can start working on game playthroughs, reviews, and media coverage. I'm also wanting to know if anyone has ideas for Patreon donation benefits. One ideas I had, although probably kind of stupid (considering us), would be that for a $2 monthly donation you would be able to rent 1 of my 64 Smash-compatible amiibo in your name for any tournaments I run (with a queue available for anyone who wants to rent the same amiibo, but for different tournies).
Another idea would be a $5 monthly donation to send the .bin file of your amiibo into my tourney. Again, very stupid for us considering we send those to each other for free for tournies (example. AmiiBrawl), but again those are just ideas.

So again, I'm running a Twitter poll on if you'd want to help support me in content creation while I'm still going to school, so that in time I can do some cooler stuff.

P.S. And for those thinking "Why don't you just get a job?" or "Why not just get YouTube ad revenue?", 1) YouTube ad revenue often isn't too reliable unless you're starting to make a big name for yourself, and 2) the way my college semesters are scheduled, being Sept - Dec and Apr - Jul, it's pretty tough finding employment where I live that'll train you for the minimum time they expect and let you come back after leaving for 3 months.
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