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Personal Tier Lists (To Be Updated)

on 9/23/2016, 8:07 pm
I'm making this post to list the tiers of all the characters that I use in Sm4sh

Character Frequency Tier List (ONLINE)

Character Skill Tier List

I am not finished yet, so expect another tier list.....

If you want to make your own tier lists, go ahead at

Make sure the topics of the tier lists include;

a. How frequently you play as each character (ONLINE)
b. How big their win/loss ratio is (ONLINE) (ONLY WITH CHARACTERS YOU'VE PLAYED AS)
c. Who your mains are (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, etc., Based on how good you think you are with them)

Also make sure they're on YOUR name if you use a name for an altered control scheme (Like me)

Future Tier List; Win/Loss Ratio Tier List

Mii Gunner (GMAT 4) Runner-up
Mario (Amiibrawl 12) 4th Place
Mario (grACEscale) 9th Place
Mii Fighters (AMG10) 17th Place
Mii Swordfighter (PUAT) 9th Place
Maro (PUAT) 17th Place

Mario's getting worse, Mii Fighters getting better...tier lists are backwards for my amiibo lol
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