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Forum Rules & Guidelines (Revised 9/21/16)

on 9/21/2016, 10:08 am
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Observatory Forums: Rules & Guidelines

Welcome to the Observatory Forums! In order to maintain good relations within the community, a specific set of rules has been put into place. While visitors are expected to abide by them at all times (which is quite easy, thanks to their simple structure), we usually are not very strict. The most important thing is common sense - as long as you have that, you generally won't need to worry about breaking the rules, which are as follows:

1.) Behavior

- Keep swearing to a minimum. This is a family-friendly forum open to all ages. As such, you are expected to limit your use of curse words.

- Think about what you're saying before you say it. If there's a chance that your message could start a fight, flame war, or any kind of drama, don't say it.

- Do not post adult / offensive material. This should go without saying, but to make things perfectly clear, you should not post disturbing, racist, inappropriate, or "NSFW" text or images.

- Respect other members of the community. This should also go without saying. When posting, keep in mind that everybody here is a human and has feelings of their own. Users are also expected to respect the staff and their decisions.

- Use the report button. Instead of complaining or backseat moderating, a simple click of the report button can alert a staff member. If someone is purposefully misbehaving, and you call them out on it, that probably isn't going to fix anything. Do not falsely report posts or accuse someone of something they did not do.

- Don't evade bans. This will just result in another ban (either an account ban or an IP address ban) and will waste both your time and ours.

- Type as legibly as possible. You are not required to speak formally, or even with proper grammar / spelling, but we need to be able to understand what you're saying.

- Give credit where credit is due. If you post an image, video, or text excerpt, give credit to its original owner. Don't steal.

2.) Spam & Posting

- Don't post anything that could be considered spam. What counts as spam and what doesn't is up to the discretion of staff. As stated earlier, as long as you have common sense, you'll be fine.

- Don't post meaningless messages / content. This rule does not apply to the General Discussion section.

- Don't join this site specifically to advertise. Any members that join just to advertise another site will be banned immediately.

3.) Warnings & Bans

If you are known to be a rule-abiding, reasonable member, you most likely will not be given a warning. If you're known to break the same rule over and over again, the staff will decide on a punishment (which will probably be something to the effect of a short-term ban). However, some rules will result in harsher punishments - for example, posting illegal or adult content will result in a permanent ban, no exceptions.

The staff of the Observatory Forums reserve the right to warn and/or ban any member who has been determined to have broken the rules. Usage of these forums is a privilege, not a right. If you have any questions regarding the forum and its rules, you can send a PM to Cloud (me), Switch, or Megar, or contact us by email via our profiles.
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