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A guide to the Golden Outlet Empty A guide to the Golden Outlet

on 8/27/2016, 2:21 am
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This post is informational, and serves to aid the reader with purchases regarding the Golden Outlet.
Briefly, this is a compilation of information. Enjoy?

Everything will be classified in a spoiler, such that you can navigate in style.
What we know about the Golden Outlet:

These are ordered by the same order they appear in the shop.
What is the Golden outlet?:
Yes, I am serious. Yes, I am going to answer that.
The Golden Outlet is a shop in the forums that allows users to spend the fictional currency of Gold earned through activity in awesome things, that will make you look cool in front of everybody else like a guy wearing a leather jacket & sunglasses.

Some other things will help your amiibo become stronger, because like Ryu would say:
Your journey, has just begun.
What we know about Titles:
As much as I'd love to present tons of information about this subject, we basically have none, as the 2 people whose ranks can be considered custom are Cloud and BB.
BB's rank is :
Rank: Zerospace

This might mean that the prefix of " Rank: " is inevitably added to your own custom rank.

On the other hand, Cloud's rank of " Forum Founder " does not have the rank prefix.

Also, neither does Revoblam, a user who has recently returned, who title is simple "Shaq."

I would wait for somebody else to have their own custom title before choosing one, but if we all take that advice, nobody is going to step forward and do it...

Making the most out of an Art request:
I won't explain what an art request does, but I will explain how we can optimize our request.

I'm not talking about making a request that would make Cloud's life a living hell, because not only is that mean, but Cloud reserves the right to deny or cancel an art request should it be terrible during production.

You want your 5,000 Gold to last, and I don't blame you. That's a lot of currency, you'll want to make sure you're happy with what you get, right?

Well, you could ask for a full-character piece, and then use parts of that piece for avatars and logos. That's one approach to it.

But I want to make a much more generic recommendation, since if you make the request, you'll want to request something.
Or someone?

If you do get to choose an art style, set it to being that of CFA (Cloud's forum adventure)
That style, which is present in Cloud's comics (CFA), shows a great level of detail with a slightly pixelated appearance. It's awesome.

Sure, you can't ask for humanoid stuff, but if you choose a style that's in the artist's comfort zone, you'll get a better result. Maybe you could make a version of a character with a kirby-like body instead of it being humanoid?
Super NES Challenge:

Each time you fail the challenge, the price will double for you only.
With a base price of 500 gold and a reward of 10,000 gold, you may fail the challenge 3 times and still make a profit from the prize.
500 + 1,000 + 2,000 + 4,000 = 7,500 total Gold spent. Minimum possible profit = 2,500 Gold

If your fourth attempt fails, you will then have a total loss of 5,500 Gold if you win.
If your fifth attempt fails, you basically lost the right to do the Super NES challenge as it will cost a phenomenal 16 000 Gold. Even if you win, You lose a total of 21,500 Gold, failure results in a total loss of 31,500 Gold!

Don't do a sixth attempt, you're better off paying the 50,000 Gold.

I HIGHLY recommend you have a ness amiibo before fighting Super NES, because if you can train your own "Super NES" using the championship training guides Cloud posted, you could adapt your amiibo to Super NES before you fight him. I cannot recommend having your own ness enough. Even if it's just a power tag's data, surely someone could pass you a .bin
What if somebody gets Super NES' file?:
Well, this could cause problems for the amiibo meta, but you could get in on the collapse with some awesome training profit.

If one of the biggest amiibo juggernauts is given away to people, and they have power tags to summon Super NES for themselves, what does that imply?

You could fight it for FREE! Ask the person, send your .bin, get it tested against a Super NES file somebody earned, get the official OK if your amiibo wins the set, then go fight the real thing!

There is no such thing as too prepared.
Square One vs Dojo Touch:
There's a joke to be made about the dojo touching your amiibo. I won't make it.

Overall, what you would want to know is this :is this worth it or is that better?

Seriously, though. The two products are the same price. If you have an amiibo that's behaving incorrectly, which one should you pick?

The Dojo touch is a one-use operation, requiring paying the price multiple times to get multiple "Dojo touch" sessions. You send your amiibo to Cloud, tell him what's wrong, and he'll help your amiibo. If Cloud won several tournaments, I think it would be safe to pass your amiibo to him if you need help.

Square One is...
A guide you can't access until you buy, so it's difficult for me to abbreviate its function without actually spilling information.
Essentially, you use a Powersaves device and then you do stuff written in the guide. Seriously, this guide is awesome.
Please check the official Golden Outlet thread for more information on the guide. I'm not an official source of info, so I'm saying as little as possible about it. It truly is a great guide, though!

My final opinion would be to ask a question on the forums first. If that doesn't work, then consider getting Square one. Finally, if all else fails, purchase the Dojo Touch and look at the miracles.
In-game items?:
Roflcopter, look at all the pretty things! Bells! Pokemon! Pokemon ITEMS!
The script is blank at this point.

If you're considering buying an in-game item, you probably have the game it's appropriate for.

I cannot tell you how valuable the bells are.
I cannot tell you how valuable the perfect Bidoof is, or how valuable a berry is.

The Final section:
What is he going to say? I wonder...

Ultimately, whether you purchase something or not is entirely up to you. I offer information, and then advice based on what information I have..

Even if my information helps you reach a conclusion that is different from my own, and you sincerely feel like getting the dojo touch before the Square One guide is a good choice, I'll still be glad.

Because you had the information, and you felt certainty in your decision. That is why I made this guide. Certainty.
Thank you for your time.

[RC] was here.
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